Black Rhino Academy Foundation has been established as a „Stiftung“ (Foundation) under German Law to support the financing of the construction and the operations of Black Rhino Academy, Karatu,   Tansania,

About Black Rhino Academy


Black Rhino Academy will be an international boarding school that addresses the need for excellent education in the rural area of Northern Tanzania. Black Rhino will aim to reach the growing middle class in Tanzania who spends more and more of their resources on educating their children in private education. We will implement a 3-tiered system for school fees which will enable us to have children from many different socio-economic backgrounds while minimizing our dependence on continued donations. Through this system we will have fully paying parents, parents who go through an assessment to receive financial aid based on need and a scholarship program mainly aimed at children from the local community.

We believe in having as much positive impact in this community as possible. We aim to empower our Tanzanian teachers to open their minds and explore new approaches to education. At Black Rhino this means that the Tanzanian teachers are in charge of their classrooms while international mentors will come for one or two years to partner with teachers one-on-one and help them become better equipped educators. Mentors will play an important role for students and teachers alike in reaching their potential. We believe that the mix between cultures, backgrounds, experiences and ages will make the difference at Black Rhino. By teaching the children that people can learn at any age, we hope to instill in them a life-long ambition to learn, better themselves and always strive for more.

Black Rhino Academy will be offering primary education in its first phase of development and secondary education in its second phase. The school will adopt an International Curriculum to give students the ability to attend any secondary school with a solid foundation in all subjects and fluency in English. Classes at Black Rhino will be kept small to maximize the time each student has with teachers and ensure a higher quality of learning. This will allow teachers to really know their students and ensure all students have a good grasp of all material before moving on in the curriculum. We will emphasize interactive learning rather than mindless memorization which too often is taught in schools here.

Black Rhino Academy will be offering boarding facilities from the very beginning as you can see on our site plan below. This will not only enable us to attract children from other parts of Tanzania and provide the best environment for them. The focus of our boarding facility is to expose children to activities that their parents might not have time or money for and to provide a supportive emotional environment. Black Rhino will be their home away from home. It will allow children to focus on their studies, after school activities and on creating lasting friendships. It will allow us to have nightly reading times and ensure students have the support they need in doing homework or other projects. The primary classes will have day students, weekly boarders who go home for the weekends and full time boarders who only travel home during holidays. This way parents can choose what suits their families best.

Black Rhino Academy's Mission

Black Rhino Academy believes that education is more than reading, maths or science; education is critical thinking and preparing children for the ever changing world and their future. We will give children all the tools they need to succeed in and outside the classroom. We believe that the future of Tanzania lies in educating and in turn empowering the younger generation to be creative, innovative and visionary leaders who will have a positive impact on their world.